86. plugins.web — Tools to access files from the web

This module provides some convenience functions to access files from the web. It is currently highly biased to downloading 3D models from archive3d.net, unzipping the files, and displaying the .3ds models included.

86.1. Functions defined in module plugins.web

plugins.web.download(url, tgt)[source]

Download a file with a known url to tgt.


List the .3ds files in a zip file


Import and show a 3ds file

Import a 3ds file, render it, and export it to the GUI


Show the .3ds models in a zip file.

fn: a zip file containing one or more .3ds models.

plugins.web.download3d(fid, fn)[source]

Download a file from archive3d.net by id number.


Show a model from the archive3d.net database.

fid: string: the archive3d id number