82. plugins.tools — tools.py

Graphic Tools for pyFormex.

82.1. Functions defined in module plugins.tools

plugins.tools.getObjectItems(obj, items, mode)[source]

Get the specified items from object.


Returns a collection.

plugins.tools.growCollection(K, **kargs)[source]

Grow the collection with n frontal rings.

K should be a collection of elements. This should work on any objects that have a growSelection method.


Partition the collection according to node adjacency.

The actor numbers will be connected to a collection of property numbers, e.g. 0 [1 [4,12] 2 [6,20]], where 0 is the actor number, 1 and 2 are the property numbers and 4, 12, 6 and 20 are the element numbers.

plugins.tools.getPartition(K, prop)[source]

Remove all partitions with property not in prop.

plugins.tools.exportObjects(obj, name, single=False)[source]

Export a list of objects under the given name.

If obj is a list, and single=True, each element of the list is exported as a single item. The items will be given the names name-0, name-1, etc. Else, the obj is exported as is under the name.


Create an actor dialog for the specified actors (by index)