72. plugins.partition — Partitioning tools

72.1. Functions defined in module plugins.partition


Prepare the surface for slicing operation.

plugins.partition.colorCut(F, P, N, prop)[source]

Color a Formex in two by a plane (P,N)

plugins.partition.splitProp(G, name)[source]

Partition a Formex according to its prop values and export the results.

If G has property numbers, the structure is split and according to the property values, and the (compacted) parts are exported with names ‘name-propnumber’.

plugins.partition.partition(Fin, prop=0)[source]

Interactively partition a Formex.

By default, the parts will get properties 0,1,… If prop >= 0, the parts will get incremental props starting from prop.

Returns the cutplanes in an array with shape (ncuts,2,3), where
(i,0,:) is a point in the plane i and (i,1,:) is the normal vector on the plane i .

As a side effect, the properties of the input Formex will be changed to flag the parts between successive cut planes by incrementing property values. If you wish to restore the original properties, you should copy them (or the input Formex) before calling this function.