64. plugins.flavia

  1. 2010 Benedict Verhegghe.

64.1. Functions defined in module plugins.flavia


Read a flavia mesh file.

Returns a list of Meshes if successful.

plugins.flavia.readCoords(fil, ndim)[source]

Read a set of coordinates from a flavia file

plugins.flavia.readElems(fil, nplex)[source]

Read a set of coordinates from a flavia file

plugins.flavia.readResults(fn, nnodes, ndim)[source]

Read a flavia results file for an ndim mesh.

plugins.flavia.readResult(fil, nvalues, nres)[source]

Read a set of results from a flavia file

plugins.flavia.createFeResult(model, results)[source]

Create an FeResult from meshes and results

plugins.flavia.readFlavia(meshfile, resfile)[source]

Read flavia results files

Currently we only read matching pairs of meshfile,resfile files.