23. options — pyFormex command line options

This module defines the pyFormex command line options. It is placed in a separate module so that it has very limited dependencies and can be loaded very early in the startup procedure. This allows options to be used to influence the further startup process and the modules that are imported.

23.1. Functions defined in module options


Create a parser for the pyFormex command line.

Returns:argparse.ArgumentParser – A parser for the pyFormex command line.

Parse command line arguments

The arguments of the pyFormex command line can be splitted in options and remaining arguments. This function will split the options from the other arguments and store them in the variable pf.options for access throughout pyFormex. The remaining arguments are stored in pf.options.args

Parameters:args (list of str) – A list of command line arguments for the pyformex command
Returns:bool – True if the parsing was successful.