52. gui.views — Predefined camera viewing directions

52.1. Classes defined in module gui.views

class gui.views.ViewAngles(data={'iso': (45.0, 35.2644, 0.0), 'iso0': (45.0, 35.2644, 0.0), 'iso1': (135.0, 35.2644, 0.0), 'iso2': (225.0, 35.2644, 0.0), 'iso3': (315.0, 35.2644, 0.0), 'iso4': (45.0, -35.2644, 0.0), 'iso5': (135.0, -35.2644, 0.0), 'iso6': (225.0, -35.2644, 0.0), 'iso7': (315.0, -35.2644, 0.0)})[source]

A dict to keep named camera angle settings.

This class keeps a dictionary of named angle settings. Each value is a tuple of (longitude, latitude, twist) camera angles. This is a static class which should not need to be instantiated.

There are seven predefined values: six for looking along global coordinate axes, one isometric view.


Set standard orientation.

Parameters:orient (str) – The front orientation. Should be one of ‘xy’ or ‘xz’. The other relative orientations are derived from it.
  • aliases (list) – List of standard relative orientations
  • realnames – List of the real orientation anmes corresponding with aliases
  • icons – List of icon names corresponding with the realnames

Get the angles for a named view.

Returns a tuple of angles (longitude, latitude, twist) if the named view was defined, or None otherwise

52.2. Functions defined in module gui.views


Get the icon name for an axis view


Get angles (and orient) of a named view.

gui.views.setAngles(name, angles)[source]

Define new or redefine old view


Return a list of all view names