37. plugins.ccxinp

37.1. Functions defined in module plugins.ccxinp


Analyze an Abaqus element type and return eltype characteristics.

Returns a dictionary with:

  • type: the element base type
  • ndim: the dimensionality of the element
  • nplex: the plexitude (number of nodes)
  • mod: a modifier string

Currently, all these fields are returned as strings. We should probably change ndim and nplex to an int.


Return the best matching pyFormex element type for an abq/ccx element

d is an element groupdict obtained by scanning the element name.


Start a new part.


Read a command line, return the command and a dict with options

plugins.ccxinp.do_HEADING(opts, data)[source]

Read the nodal data

plugins.ccxinp.do_PART(opts, data)[source]

Set the part name

plugins.ccxinp.do_SYSTEM(opts, data)[source]

Read the system data

plugins.ccxinp.do_NODE(opts, data)[source]

Read the nodal data

plugins.ccxinp.do_ELEMENT(opts, data)[source]

Read element data


Read an input file (.inp)

Returns an object with the following attributes:

  • heading: the heading read from the .inp file
  • parts: a list with parts.

A part is a dict and can contain the following keys:

  • name: string: the part name
  • coords: float (nnod,3) array: the nodal coordinates
  • nodid: int (nnod,) array: node numbers; default is arange(nnod)
  • elems: int (nelems,nplex) array: element connectivity
  • elid: int (nelems,) array: element numbers; default is arange(nelems)