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1. coords — A structured collection of 3D coordinates.

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pyFormex reference manual


This is the reference manual for pyFormex 0.9.1. It describes most of the classes and functions defined in the pyFormex modules. It was built automatically from the pyFormex sources and is therefore the ultimate reference document if you want to look up the precise arguments (and their meaning) of any class constructor or function in pyFormex. The Index and Module Index may be helpful in navigating through this document.

This reference manual describes the classes in functions defined in most of the pyFormex modules. It was built automatically from the docstrings in the pyFormex sources. The pyFormex modules are placed in three paths:

  • pyformex contains the core functionality, with most of the geometrical transformations, the pyFormex scripting language and utilities,
  • pyformex/gui contains all the modules that form the interactive graphical user interface,
  • pyformex/plugins contains extensions that are not considered to be essential parts of pyFormex. They usually provide additional functionality for specific applications.

Some of the modules are loaded automatically when pyFormex is started. Currently this is the case with the modules coords, formex, arraytools, script and, if the GUI is used, draw and colors. All the public definitions in these modules are available to pyFormex scripts without explicitly importing them. Also available is the complete numpy namespace, because it is imported by arraytools.

The definitions in the other modules can only be accessed using the normal Python import statements.

pyFormex plugins

Plugin modules extend the basic pyFormex functions to variety of specific applications. Apart from being located under the pyformex/plugins path, these modules are in no way different from other pyFormex modules.

pyFormex plugin menus

Plugin menus are optionally loadable menus for the pyFormex GUI, providing specialized interactive functionality. Because these are still under heavy development, they are currently not documented. Look to the source code or try them out in the GUI. They can be loaded from the File menu option and switched on permanently from the Settings menu.

Currently avaliable:

  • geometry_menu
  • formex_menu
  • surface_menu
  • tools_menu
  • draw2d_menu
  • nurbs_menu
  • dxf_tools
  • jobs menu
  • postproc_menu
  • bifmesh_menu