• Domes and frame structures: This page may give you a nice idea of what you can do with pyFormex. The examples are taken from the extensive set included with the distribution.

  • Stent structures: pyFormex has and is extensively being used for the modeling of stent structures. This page shows some examples.

  • Operations on surface models: We have frequently used pyFormex for performing specialized operations on surface models, like STL type triangulated meshes originating from medical scan (CT) images. Some of the developed algorithms have already been included in pyFormex. This page shows some examples of their use.

  • Meshing: Some examples of the application of pyFormex in specific meshing problems.

  • Post-processing: pyFormex can be used as a postprocessor for numerical simulation codes such as FEA or CFD.

  • Illustrations: pyFormex can not only be used to create 3D geometry or operate on surface meshes. This page shows some examples where it was used just to create nice images.