PySocket - A Light, Fast, Flexible and Strong Asynchronous API

PySocket is an asynchronous network API. There is not lots of Network Library in Python:
  • Asyncore Python standard library
  • Twisted
The Aim of PySocket is to provide a set of features like bandwidth control, define protocols, easy pool connection management (..) with low memory and CPU consumption.

PySocket is under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License

All copyright belong to the developers (Joel Vennin & Spikeee) and other people working on this project.
For now there is no release, but sources on cvs are working great ! (maybe there are some bugs:)
Current features supported are:
  • TCP: listen,connection
  • Bandwidth Control: you can easily limit upload and download stream for a pool of connection
  • Know the bandwidth consumation
  • Limit the number of incoming connection
  • You can define easily you own protocol with the Protocol Abstraction Layer
There is some example how to use it. If you want some specials features ask the mailing list.
  • Time out for a pool of connection
  • SSL connection
  • UDP support