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Note: that the most up to date version is in version control. See development page instructions how get latest source code.

What is Procmail Module Library?

Procmail is a mail processing utility, which can help filter your mail, sort incoming mail according to sender, Subject line, length of message, keywords in the message, etc. It can be used to implement an ftp-by-mail server, mailing list and much more. Procmail is also a complete drop-in replacement for your MDA (if this doesn't mean anything to you, you may not want to know). Procmail runs primarily under Unix, but it is also included in Cygwin (Win32). See Infinite Ink's Procmail page for information about related utilities for various other platforms, and competing Unix programs, like sieve (there aren't that many).

The Procmail module library is a collection of self standing plug-in modules that intend to make procmail more fun. Instead of having to write cryptic looking procmail files, you could see if any of the existing modules would already solve the problem. For example, if you subscribe to many mailing lists and wonder how you could save the messages to separate folders, take a look at plug-in pm-jalist.rc, which is able to adapt and find new mailing lists. Or if you've been a victim of spam and would need a quick shield, you can plug in Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) modules pm-jaube.rc and pm-jaube-keywords.rc. But for serious long term spam protection, please see the article mentioned at the top of this page which will outline more efective measures. There is lot more to see, just refer to the Manual link at the top of thispage.

The modules have been developed using Emacs and there exists an Emacs minor mode tinyprocmail.el which can assists to write and "Lint" (=code check) procmail recipe files. The tinyprocmail.el's Lint output will look something like this, when run on procmail file:

      *** YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM (.procmailrc) <version> tinyprocmail.el
      cd /home/foo/
      pm.lint:010: Warning, no right hand variable found. ([$`']
      pm.lint:055: Pedantic, flag order style is not standard `hW:'
      pm.lint:060: Warning, message dropped to folder, you need lock.
      pm.lint:062: Warning, recipe with "|" may need `w' flag.
      pm.lint:073: Warning, Formail used but no `f' flag found.

Platform Support

Only the latest released procmail version is supported. Procmail is usually installed as MDA/LDA (Mail/Local Delivery Agent); the software, that delivers incoming mail to users' mailboxes. Ask your sysadm, if you do not know if procmail is available in your system. Version number can be checked with:
    procmail -v


There is no mailing list for the project. See Development page how to contact maintainer and submit feature requests and bug reports. See also Procmail mailing which can be read at NNTP group gmane.mail.procmail.

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