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News for PresTiMeL

prestimel-1.0 :

  • DTD has changed: title slide is now a specific element, <titleslide>.
  • Added support for keyboard in slides, thanks to Luc Saillard patch
  • Changed the html-node's parameter "cell_padding" to "cellpadding" to be consistent with the grid-node.
  • PresTiMeL's HTML-output is now declared as utf-8 charset
  • PresTiMeL's LaTeX-output has been improved as well as HTML table of contents
  • Replace all GIFs with PNGs
  • Added the 'debian' theme
  • Make PresTiMeL compilable with g++-3.0 and then g++-3.2
  • Bugfix in gridnode.cc. Sub-environments now will only be handled as sub-environments, if node->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE.
  • Bugfix in htmlnode.cc, if the theme parameter is not given.
  • Bugfix in htmlnode.cc, if the cell_padding parameter is empty.
  • Removed the debian-directory. This way, Debian maintainer has less troubles creating a Debian-package.
  • Added a <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> for the HTML-output.
  • configure.in now uses AM_PATH_XML2 and AM_PATH_XML to check for libxml. for a better support of special characters.

prestimel-20010527 :

  • Added a French translation.
  • PresTiMeL is now available via CVS.

prestimel-20001217 :

  • Added an option "--enable-debug" to the configure-script. Without this option, an optimized version of PresTiMeL will be built.

prestimel-20001022 :

  • Adapted the stylesheets to reduce the flicker of the background while the background image is loaded.
  • Introduced an <a> markup, which obsoletes the <url> markup. (The <url> markup however is still supported)
  • PresTiMeL is now compilable with version 2.* of libxml.
  • Added the property 'latex_scale' to the ImageNode. With this, images will not be scaled in the LaTeX-output.

prestimel-20000930 :

  • A slide can have the property latex="no", so the slide will be skipped in the LaTeX-output.
  • Added a theme 'simple', which is optimized for the use of sections.
  • Slides can now be grouped in sections using the <section> markup.
  • Added support for a resolution of 640x480.
  • The LaTeX-output of the itemize- and enumerate-environment now supports the type-attribute given in the XML-file.
  • PresTiMeL now compiles clean on AiX-4.3.
  • Changed the url-markup. URLs have now to be given using <url url="http://foo.bar" name="Link to foobar" >.
  • Added a tt-markup. Text within <tt> and </tt> will be written using a monospaced font.
  • Added the attribute 'contract' to the grid-environment. If set to "yes", it will make the cells of the grid as small as possible.
  • The bullet-type of the itemize-environment and the numbering-type of the enumerate-environment may be defined with the optional attribute 'type'.
  • Added an enumerate-environment. Compared to the itemize-environment, the enmumeration-environment uses numbers or letters rather than bullets to mark each item.
  • Added the possibility to place the navigation buttons at the top of each slide rather than at the bottom.
  • Added code to produce an outlined version of the LaTeX-output, which uses the documentclass 'article' rather than 'seminar'.
  • The itemize-environment may have the additional attribute 'closing_p'. Setting this attribute to 'no' will disable the closing </P> tag for the items. With this, the items will be shown more close together.
  • The grid-environment may have the attributes 'cellpadding' and 'border' to pre-define the padding of the grid-cells and the width of the border, which is invisible by default.
  • The image-environment may have an 'align' attribute, which can have the value 'left', 'center' or 'right'.
  • Added a Hungarian translation.

prestimel-0.10 :

  • The support for pdflatex was removed, because it doesn't work very well.
  • PresTiMeL is now compilable on Solaris 2.7.
  • PresTiMeL is now compilable with version 5.2.* of ImageMagick.
  • Any text can now contain a hyperlink using the <url> markup.
  • Added the option "--enable-lfs" to the configure script, to enable the support for large files (LFS).
  • Extended the grid-environment, so it can hold any other environments. Note that with this extension the hbox-environment is obsolete now.
  • The commandline option -d to select the target-directory for the presentation-files was removed.
  • New commandline options to select a configuration-file and to disable the settings stored in the XML-file.
  • The XML-file may contain a markup to override some settings for the HTML-output.
  • Fixed the configure-script again. Now, only the output of xml-config and Magick-config will be used to determine the apropriate compiler- and linker-flags.
  • Images in the LaTeX-output will be scaled down, when they are embedded in a grid-environment. If an image-environment contains more than one image, they will be scaled down too.
  • Fixed the configure-script. Now it's more easier to perform different checks for different platforms.
  • The LaTeX-output will now use the documentclass 'seminar'.
  • Changed the attribute 'src' for the <img> tag to 'html' and introduced an additional 'latex' attribute. ('src' will still be recognized for backward-compatibility)
  • The commandline-option '-l' was extended to take the optional value 'pdf'. So if '-lpdf' is given, the LaTeX-output will be optimized for pdflatex.
  • A new commandline-option '-l, --latex-output' was added. If this option is given, PresTiMeL will create a LaTeX-file rather than HTML-slides. This LaTeX-file can be used to create handouts for the presentation.
  • A new commandline-option '-s, --sloppy-buttons' was added. If this option is given, the buttons will be drawn below the content of the slide rather than on a fixed position defined in the stylesheet.
  • The markup <br> can be used to define a line-break in the text.
  • Text inside an itemize- or text environment can now be emphased using the the markups <emph> and <bold>.
  • Added a tux-theme.
  • Added a user-manual. But it's still incomplete.
  • Added a text-environment, which can contain plain text.
  • The syntax for items in an itemize-environment changed from '<item text="foobar" >' to '<item>foobar</item>'. Please adapt your presentation-files.
  • Added a vimrc-file which defines some key-mappings to provide an easier editing of the presentation-file when using vim.
  • Clicking on the headline of each slide leads to the index-slide.

prestimel-0.9 :

  • A Spanish translation of the messages was added.
  • Added a man-page which describes the config-file.
  • The global config-file doesn't exist anymore.
  • A title-environment was added to provide informations for a title-slide.
  • The inputfile now has to be a well-formed XML-file.

prestimel-0.8 :

  • Added a new theme : clouds.
  • A code environment was added, so small parts of a source-code (for example) can be presented. This environment can also be embedded in a hbox.
  • An user manual was added. But there is done just a small framework.
  • PresTiMeL now has a man-page, which describes the commandline-options.

prestimel-0.7 :

  • A mailing list for the development and/or discussion was added.
  • A Portuguese translation of the messages was added.
  • Changed the stylesheets : The buttons were moved down a bit.
  • The support for the footer-graphics was removed because it lead to troubles, when the first/last- and/or the note-button is enabled.
  • Each slide will have a button to the first and last slide. A commandline-option was added to disable this feature.
  • You can write some notes for each slide. Take a look at the example presentation to see, how to do this. All slides with an embedded note will show a button, which will lead to a HTML-page with the notes you wrote. There is also a commandline-option to disable this button for all slides.

prestimel-0.6 :

  • Changed the color of the fonts in the machine-theme.
  • A German translation of the messages is available.
  • Added NLS-support.
  • The static version of libMagick will be recognized by configure.

prestimel-0.5 :

  • Added header background-graphics to the machine-theme.
  • Compiling and installing is now possible with "./configure", "make" and "make install".

prestimel-0.4 :

  • A new theme was added : "plasma".
  • Commandline-options will be evaluated.
  • A support for config-files was added.
  • An index-page will be created, which contains hyperlinks to all slides.

prestimel-0.3 :

  • The hbox was generalized and a grid environment for images was added. The example presentation demonstrates the new possibilities.
  • The theme "standard_blue" now has background-images for the whole slide, the header and the footer.
  • The navigation-buttons, the stylesheet and the background-images are copied to the target-directory (which is currently a hardcoded "./").

prestimel-0.2 :

  • libMagick is used to detemine the dimensions of images.

prestimel-0.1 :

  • This is the initial release