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png::std_error Class Reference

Exception class to represent standard library errors (generally IO). More...

#include <error.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 std_error (std::string const &message, int errnum=errno)

Static Protected Member Functions

static std::string thread_safe_strerror (int errnum)

Detailed Description

Exception class to represent standard library errors (generally IO).

See also
reader, writer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

png::std_error::std_error ( std::string const &  message,
int  errnum = errno 

Constructs an std_error object. The message string is appended with ": " and the error description as returned by strerror(error).

messageerror description
errorerror number

Member Function Documentation

static std::string png::std_error::thread_safe_strerror ( int  errnum)

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