Christian Giménez


Welcome to PillowCase, a free(as in freedom) minimalistic HTTP server.


How to Start?

Loading the library

First of all, add the following line after the module/3 declaration in a prolog file, or write as the first thing you do when running ciaosh:

:- use_package(pillowcase).

If pillowcase is in the default directory you may need to add the library predicate:

:- use_package(library(pillowcase)).

Starting the Server

First of all, Ensure that /var/www/html directories exists and add a beutiful /var/www/html/index.html HTML file like this one:

<title> Hello PillowCase World! </title>
<h1> Hi! </h1>

<p> Welcome to the <b>Prolog</b> World! :) </p>
<br />
<p> <i>Have fun!</i> </p>

Well, maybe a bit more beautiful... :P

For starting the server, you can use the dance_pillowcase/0 predicate. This start the server at the http://localhost:8080 URL and will use any files that is on the /var/www/html directory.

An example of a prolog environment using ciaosh application or Emacs using C-c t keymap. Remember: you have to be in the directory of the source code(where the *.pl files are!).

?- use_module('/home/cng/Documentos/proyectos/PillowCase/PillowCase/src/pillowcase.pl').

?- dance_pillowcase.


If you need to configure the server, in the library pc_config you will have a knowledge base of basic information that PillowCase needs. Don't be terrified for the word 'knowledge base'! Is just a colletion of predicates! :P

Take a look at that library, is very intuitive(remember: this is a minimalistic HTTP server!).

Want to Collaborate?

This is Free Software!

Anyone willing to help can collaborate with the project. They have to know Prolog, test the project, etc.

Come to PillowCase project home page to see news, download the code, etc.


Happy Coding! :)