PerlPanel — the lean applet panel

This is the new PerlPanel homepage.


The updated version of CPUTemp is now available for beta testing. You can download its applet package from its perlpanel drop.
The PerlPanel applets are slowly but surely being refreshed and updated. Your help in testing the updated versions would be much appreciated (see below).

Beta Testing

For the time being, the CVS repo is going to be used for publishing release-ready code. It's quicker and easier to release applets as individual applet packages. Once testing of an applet is complete, it'll be uploaded to the CVS repo. When reviewing or testing, please continue to use the bug tracker.


There's plenty still to do, so if you have the inclination to contribute your abilities, don't hesitate to get in touch via the mailing list. Ideas, patches, or something more substantial, there's a corner of this app for everyone.

Updated by Nic Sandfield, 29 October 2010