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Perl is a cross platform language, meaning that you can run the programs under Unix, Linux and Windows environments. Learn more about Perl at This project's pwget is a tool that can help to keep track of programs and package releases around the Internet. The major differences to well known wget utility are as follows:

All in all, pwget is designed to be your companion to keep in touch with the changing package releases in the software release world. The aim was to develop an utility which can go to an URL, sniff around a bit to make the decision what to download. Debian has developed .deb install archives and Red Hat a .rpm format respectively, but there is a need to handle .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2 and other file downloads as well. pwget may help with tracking URLs easier.

Test run - creating Emacs site-lisp

There is an example configuration which contains URLs of Emacs Lisp packages. Emacs is a development environment that can bextended with additional packages (an example). The example configuration contains presets for /usr/share/*/site-lisp/net hierachy (the install location is configurable). It contains instructions how to download many custom Emacs packages. The results, what generated directory structure would be, can be seen at log file.

    perl pwget [--dry-run] --verbose --Tag elisp


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