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The t2html is a spicy little tool that can help turning simple text files into nice looking documents. In fact many of the pages in this site has been been built using that little tool. Please see conversion page link above to learn more about the utility. After you have installed the program, invoke program with --test-page option to see some examples. follow the links to see the original page and how it was rendered according to passed options. Note: you can write any CSS file to change the layout of the HTML. These only show you some defaults that the program uses. One demonstration of custom CSS can be seen at Procmail Documentation Project .

    Run cmd       : t2html --css-font-normal t2html-1.txt > t2html-1.html
    Original text : t2html-1.txt
    Generated html: t2html-1.html

    Run cmd       : t2html --css-font-readable t2html-2.txt > t2html-2.html
    Original text : t2html-2.txt
    Generated html: t2html-2.html

    Run cmd       : t2html --html-frame --css-font-normal t2html-3.txt
    Original text : t2html-3.txt
    Generated html: t2html-3.html

Here are options --css-code-* which affect the CODE section layout by adding the text into a TABLE and then rendering the table background with colors.

    Run cmd       : --css-code-bg --css-code-note="(?:Notice|Note):" t2html-4.txt > t2html-4.html
    Original text : t2html-4.txt
    Generated html: t2html-4.html


There is no mailing list for the project. See Development page how to contact maintainer and submit feature requests and bug reports.

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