Perl Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Client Project

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Note: that the most up to date version is in version control. See development page instructions how get latest source code.

What is a Perl DDNS?

Perl client for updating a dynamic DNS IP information at supported providers (e.g., The dynamic DNS service allows mapping a dynamic IP address to a static hostname. This way the computer can be referred by name instead of ever changing IP address from ISP's pool.

In short, call the program at regular intervals (say every 6 hours): --Provider dyndns --login LOGIN --pass PASSWORD --Host

Platform Support

Supported OS platforms: Win32 native (Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/*), Win32 Cygwin (Unix like), Linux (Redhat, Debian). Other distributions not tested. Should work with any FHS compliant Linux distributions as well as BSD provided that command ifconfig(1) is available.


There is no mailing list for the project. See Development page above how to contact maintainer and submit feature requests and bug reports.

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