The Linux ORiNOCO Driver








Orinoco 0.15 final released

Changes compared with the latest release candidate (rc4):
  • Update for the new PCMCIA API in the kernel.
  • Add support for dBm quality on Intersil firmware 1.3.1 and newer.
  • Use a better formula for signal/noise for other firmwares.
  • Disallow compilation for kernels with Orinoco driver already enabled.
Changes compared with the latest stable release (0.13e):
  • Scanning support.
  • Monitor mode support (except Agere firmware 7.xx and 8.xx).
  • Support for Symbol Spectrum Trilogy V3 cards.
  • Support for Nortel emobility, Symbol LA-4113 and Symbol LA-4123.
  • Countless updates for the kernel API.
  • Countless bug fixes.
  • Many minor improvements.


orinoco-fwutils 0.2 released

  • Ensure compatibility with Perl that has Unicode support on by default
  • Provide SHA1 checksums for the generated files
  • Fix curl warning in get_ezusb_fw


Orinoco 0.15rc4 released

  • Fix compilation for Ubuntu kernels - get KERNELRELEASE from linux/version.h rather than from the kernel makefiles.
  • Fixes for serious bitrot in airport and orinoco_nortel.
  • Allow writing odd number of bytes to BAP.
  • Don't pad transmitted packets.
  • Simplified transmission padding code.
  • Annotation for sparse provided.
  • Remove lots of old debugging code.
  • Fix setting power saving mode.
  • Power management works in all PCI drivers.
  • All PCI drivers free and re-acquire IRQ on suspend/resume.
  • Use only iomem API for hardware access.


Orinoco 0.15rc3 released

  • Remove all compatibility code for 2.4 kernels - Linux 2.6.11 or newer is required.
  • hermes.conf is automatically generated.
  • hermes.conf is not installed by default - use "make installconf".
  • Split firmware utilities to orinoco-fwutils package.
  • Update to the current Linux kernel.
  • Better integration with the kernel build system.
  • Use ssleep() or msleep() instead of hardcoded schedule_timeout() (Nishanth Aravamudan via kernel-janitors list).
  • Several cleanups and bugfixes in pci/plx/tmd/nortel drivers.
  • Fix memory leak in orinoco_join_ap().
  • Change io handling to avoid sparse and gcc warnings.
  • Use C99 array initializers and ARRAY_SIZE() for iw_handler tables.
  • Cleanup of rx stats handling.

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