The Software

The software for this project is designed to play my music collection (98.6% ogg vorbis) in my car.

Right now the software's core is a daemon that decodes ogg files and mp3 files and spits the audio out to the audio device specified on the command line (/dev/dsp in the supplied rc script).
The daemon can talk to any tcp client (even telneting in and typing 'next' or 'togglerandom').
I have built one client so far. It gets input from the serial display, then sends it to the daemon, and gets track info from the daemon, then sends it to the display.
The software requires the following libraries. All except OSALP are available with Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody), as part of the main (e.g. free as in speech) distribution. This project was designed on a woody box, but should work with other GNU/Linux distros or similar OSs, like the BSDs.

Future (aka TODO):
  • scroll through songs menu.
  • menus with options like 'remove file'.
  • a client that is part of gkrellm for my desktop.
  • general cleanup.
  • digital audio support? If I can ever find something for my car that takes digital in.
  • DVD playback? The hardware has Dolby 5.1 and S-Video, why not? My player would skip the ads and warnings at the beginning! :)