Index of values

a1 [Curses.Key]
a3 [Curses.Key]
addch [Curses]
Add a character at the current position, then advance the cursor.
addchnstr [Curses]
addchstr [Curses]
Add a sequence of characters at the current position.
addnstr [Curses]
addstr [Curses]
Add a string at the current position.
altcharset [Curses.WA]
Alternate character set.
altcharset [Curses.A]
Alternate character set.
attr_off [Curses]
Turn off the attributes given in argument (see the WA module).
attr_on [Curses]
attr_set [Curses]
attributes [Curses.WA]
attributes [Curses.A]
attroff [Curses]
Turn off the attributes given in argument (see the A module).
attron [Curses]
Turn on the attributes given in argument.
attrset [Curses]
Set the attributes.

b2 [Curses.Key]
backspace [Curses.Key]
baudrate [Curses]
Get the speed of a terminal (in bits per second).
bbss [Curses.Acs]
beep [Curses]
Ring a bell.
beg [Curses.Key]
bkgd [Curses]
Set the background of every character.
bkgdset [Curses]
Set the background of the current character.
black [Curses.Color]
blink [Curses.WA]
blink [Curses.A]
blue [Curses.Color]
bold [Curses.WA]
Extra bright or bold.
bold [Curses.A]
Extra bright or bold.
bool_terminfo_variable [Curses]
bool_terminfo_variables [Curses]
border [Curses]
Draw a box around the edges of a window.
box [Curses]
Draw a box.
break [Curses.Key]
bsbs [Curses.Acs]
bssb [Curses.Acs]
bsss [Curses.Acs]
btab [Curses.Key]

c1 [Curses.Key]
c3 [Curses.Key]
can_change_color [Curses]
cancel [Curses.Key]
catab [Curses.Key]
cbreak [Curses]
Disable line buffering.
chartext [Curses.WA]
chartext [Curses.A]
Bit-mask to extract a character.
chgat [Curses]
chgat n attr color changes the attributes of n characters.
clear [Curses.Key]
clear [Curses]
clearok [Curses]
If called with true as second argument, the next call to wrefresh with this window will clear the streen completely and redraw the entire screen from scratch.
close [Curses.Key]
clrtobot [Curses]
clrtoeol [Curses]
code_yes [Curses.Key]
color [Curses.WA]
color [Curses.A]
color_content [Curses]
color_pair [Curses.WA]
color_pair [Curses.A]
Color-pair number n.
color_pairs [Curses]
colors [Curses]
combine [Curses.WA]
combine [Curses.A]
command [Curses.Key]
copy [Curses.Key]
copywin [Curses]
create [Curses.Key]
ctab [Curses.Key]
cur_term [Curses]
curs_set [Curses]
cyan [Curses.Color]

dc [Curses.Key]
def_prog_mode [Curses]
Save the current terminal modes as the "program" state for use by the reser_prog_mod and reset_shell_mode functions.
def_shell_mode [Curses]
del_curterm [Curses]
delay_output [Curses]
delch [Curses]
Delete a character.
deleteln [Curses]
Delete a line.
delscreen [Curses]
Delete a screen.
delwin [Curses]
Delete a window.
derwin [Curses]
Same as subwin excepting that the position (x,y) is relative to the parent window.
dim [Curses.WA]
Half bright.
dim [Curses.A]
Half bright.
dl [Curses.Key]
doupdate [Curses]
down [Curses.Key]
dupwin [Curses]
Duplicate a window.

echo [Curses]
Don't echo typed characters.
echochar [Curses]
echochar ch is equivalent to addch ch followed by refresh ().
eic [Curses.Key]
end_ [Curses.Key]
endwin [Curses]
Restore the terminal (should be called before exiting).
enter [Curses.Key]
eol [Curses.Key]
eos [Curses.Key]
erase [Curses]
Clear a window.
erasechar [Curses]
Get user's current erase character.
exit [Curses.Key]

f [Curses.Key]
f0 [Curses.Key]
filter [Curses]
find [Curses.Key]
flash [Curses]
Flash the screen.
flushinp [Curses]

get_acs_codes [Curses]
Get the predefined characters.
get_ripoff [Curses]
get_size [Curses]
get_size_fd [Curses]
getbegyx [Curses]
getbkgd [Curses]
Get the current background.
getch [Curses]
Read a character in a window.
getmaxyx [Curses]
getnstr [Curses]
getparyx [Curses]
getstr [Curses]
Read a string in a window.
getsyx [Curses]
getwin [Curses]
getyx [Curses]
Get the current cursor position.
green [Curses.Color]

halfdelay [Curses]
Similar to cbreak but with delay.
has_colors [Curses]
has_ic [Curses]
Has the terminal insert- and delete-character capabilites?
has_il [Curses]
Has the terminal insert- and delete-line capabilites?
help [Curses.Key]
hline [Curses]
Draw an horizontal line.
home [Curses.Key]
horizontal [Curses.WA]
horizontal [Curses.A]

ic [Curses.Key]
idcok [Curses]
idlok [Curses]
il [Curses.Key]
immedok [Curses]
inch [Curses]
Get the attributes of the caracter at current position.
inchnstr [Curses]
inchstr [Curses]
Get the attributes of a sequence of characters.
init_color [Curses]
init_pair [Curses]
initscr [Curses]
Initialize the curses library.
innstr [Curses]
insch [Curses]
Insert a character before cursor.
insdelln [Curses]
insdelln n inserts n lines above the current line if n is positive or deletes -n lines if n is negative.
insertln [Curses]
Insert a blank line above the current line.
insnstr [Curses]
insstr [Curses]
Insert a string before cursor.
instr [Curses]
Get the attributes of a string.
intrflush [Curses]
invis [Curses.WA]
invis [Curses.A]
Invisible or blank mode.
is_linetouched [Curses]
is_wintouched [Curses]
isendwin [Curses]
Has endwin been called without any subsequent call to werefresh?

keyname [Curses]
keypad [Curses]
killchar [Curses]
Get user's current line kill character.

leaveok [Curses]
left [Curses.Key]
left [Curses.WA]
left [Curses.A]
ll [Curses.Key]
longname [Curses]
Get a description of the terminal.
low [Curses.WA]
low [Curses.A]

magenta [Curses.Color]
mark [Curses.Key]
max [Curses.Key]
message [Curses.Key]
meta [Curses]
min [Curses.Key]
mouse [Curses.Key]
mousemask [Curses]
Sets the mouse mask.
move [Curses.Key]
move [Curses]
Move the cursor.
mvaddch [Curses]
mvaddchnstr [Curses]
mvaddchstr [Curses]
mvaddnstr [Curses]
mvaddstr [Curses]
mvchgat [Curses]
mvcur [Curses]
mvdelch [Curses]
mvderwin [Curses]
Move a derived windw.
mvgetch [Curses]
mvgetnstr [Curses]
mvgetstr [Curses]
mvhline [Curses]
mvinch [Curses]
mvinchnstr [Curses]
mvinchstr [Curses]
mvinnstr [Curses]
mvinsch [Curses]
mvinsnstr [Curses]
mvinsstr [Curses]
mvinstr [Curses]
mvvline [Curses]
mvwaddch [Curses]
mvwaddchnstr [Curses]
mvwaddchstr [Curses]
mvwaddnstr [Curses]
mvwaddstr [Curses]
mvwchgat [Curses]
mvwdelch [Curses]
mvwgetch [Curses]
mvwgetnstr [Curses]
mvwgetstr [Curses]
mvwhline [Curses]
mvwin [Curses]
Move a window.
mvwinch [Curses]
mvwinchnstr [Curses]
mvwinchstr [Curses]
mvwinnstr [Curses]
mvwinsch [Curses]
mvwinsnstr [Curses]
mvwinsstr [Curses]
mvwinstr [Curses]
mvwvline [Curses]

napms [Curses]
newpad [Curses]
Create a new pad.
newterm [Curses]
Create a new terminal.
newwin [Curses]
newwin l c y x create a new window with l lines, c columns.
next [Curses.Key]
nl [Curses]
nocbreak [Curses]
Enable line buffering (waits for characters until newline is typed).
nodelay [Curses]
noecho [Curses]
Echo typed characters.
nonl [Curses]
noqiflush [Curses]
noraw [Curses]
normal [Curses.WA]
Normal display (no highlight).
normal [Curses.A]
Normal display (no highlight).
notimeout [Curses]
notypeahead [Curses]
npage [Curses.Key]
null_window [Curses]
num_terminfo_variable [Curses]
num_terminfo_variables [Curses]

open_ [Curses.Key]
options [Curses.Key]
overlay [Curses]
overlay srcwin dstwin overlays srcwin on top of dstwin.
overwrite [Curses]

pair_content [Curses]
pair_number [Curses.WA]
pair_number [Curses.A]
Get the pair number associated with the color_pair n attribute.
pechochar [Curses]
pnoutrefresh [Curses]
ppage [Curses.Key]
prefresh [Curses]
previous [Curses.Key]
print [Curses.Key]
protect [Curses.WA]
protect [Curses.A]
Protected mode.
putp [Curses]
putwin [Curses]

qiflush [Curses]

raw [Curses]
red [Curses.Color]
redo [Curses.Key]
redrawwin [Curses]
reference [Curses.Key]
refresh [Curses.Key]
refresh [Curses]
Refresh windows.
replace [Curses.Key]
reset [Curses.Key]
reset_prog_mode [Curses]
reset_shell_mode [Curses]
resetty [Curses]
resize [Curses.Key]
resizeterm [Curses]
restart [Curses.Key]
restartterm [Curses]
resume [Curses.Key]
reverse [Curses.WA]
Reverse video.
reverse [Curses.A]
Reverse video.
right [Curses.Key]
right [Curses.WA]
right [Curses.A]
ripoffline [Curses]

save [Curses.Key]
savetty [Curses]
sbbs [Curses.Acs]
sbeg [Curses.Key]
sbsb [Curses.Acs]
sbss [Curses.Acs]
scancel [Curses.Key]
scommand [Curses.Key]
scopy [Curses.Key]
scr_dump [Curses]
Dump the current screen to a file.
scr_init [Curses]
scr_restore [Curses]
scr_set [Curses]
screate [Curses.Key]
scrl [Curses]
scroll [Curses]
scrollok [Curses]
sdc [Curses.Key]
sdl [Curses.Key]
select [Curses.Key]
send [Curses.Key]
seol [Curses.Key]
set_curterm [Curses]
set_term [Curses]
Switch terminal.
setscrreg [Curses]
setsyx [Curses]
setterm [Curses]
setupterm [Curses]
sexit [Curses.Key]
sf [Curses.Key]
sfind [Curses.Key]
shelp [Curses.Key]
shome [Curses.Key]
sic [Curses.Key]
sleft [Curses.Key]
slk_attroff [Curses]
slk_attron [Curses]
slk_attrset [Curses]
slk_clear [Curses]
slk_init [Curses]
Initialize soft labels.
slk_label [Curses]
slk_noutrefresh [Curses]
slk_refresh [Curses]
slk_restore [Curses]
slk_set [Curses]
slk_touch [Curses]
smessage [Curses.Key]
smove [Curses.Key]
snext [Curses.Key]
soptions [Curses.Key]
sprevious [Curses.Key]
sprint [Curses.Key]
sr [Curses.Key]
sredo [Curses.Key]
sreplace [Curses.Key]
sreset [Curses.Key]
sright [Curses.Key]
srsume [Curses.Key]
ssave [Curses.Key]
ssbb [Curses.Acs]
ssbs [Curses.Acs]
sssb [Curses.Acs]
ssss [Curses.Acs]
ssuspend [Curses.Key]
stab [Curses.Key]
standend [Curses]
standout [Curses.WA]
Best highlighting mode of the terminal.
standout [Curses.A]
Best highlighting mode of the terminal.
standout [Curses]
start_color [Curses]
stdscr [Curses]
str_terminfo_variable [Curses]
str_terminfo_variables [Curses]
subpad [Curses]
subwin [Curses]
subwin l c y x create a subwindow with l lines and c columns at screen-relative position (x,y).
sundo [Curses.Key]
suspend [Curses.Key]
syncok [Curses]
If syncok is called with true as second argument, wsyncup is called automatically whenever there is a change in the window.

termattrs [Curses]
termname [Curses]
tgetent [Curses]
tgetflag [Curses]
tgetnum [Curses]
tgetstr [Curses]
tgoto [Curses]
tigetflag [Curses]
tigetnum [Curses]
tigetstr [Curses]
timeout [Curses]
top [Curses.WA]
top [Curses.A]
touchline [Curses]
touchwin [Curses]
tparm [Curses]
tputs [Curses]
typeahead [Curses]

unctrl [Curses]
underline [Curses.WA]
underline [Curses.A]
undo [Curses.Key]
ungetch [Curses]
untouchwin [Curses]
up [Curses.Key]
use_default_colors [Curses]
use_env [Curses]

vertical [Curses.WA]
vertical [Curses.A]
vidattr [Curses]
vidputs [Curses]
vline [Curses]
Draw a vertical line.

waddch [Curses]
waddchnstr [Curses]
waddchstr [Curses]
waddnstr [Curses]
waddstr [Curses]
wattr_off [Curses]
wattr_on [Curses]
wattr_set [Curses]
wattroff [Curses]
wattron [Curses]
wattrset [Curses]
wbkgd [Curses]
wbkgdset [Curses]
wborder [Curses]
wchgat [Curses]
wclear [Curses]
wclrtobot [Curses]
wclrtoeol [Curses]
wcursyncup [Curses]
wdelch [Curses]
wdeleteln [Curses]
wechochar [Curses]
werase [Curses]
wgetch [Curses]
wgetnstr [Curses]
wgetstr [Curses]
white [Curses.Color]
whline [Curses]
winch [Curses]
winch_handler_off [Curses]
winch_handler_on [Curses]
winchnstr [Curses]
winchstr [Curses]
winnstr [Curses]
winsch [Curses]
winsdelln [Curses]
winsertln [Curses]
winsnstr [Curses]
winsstr [Curses]
winstr [Curses]
wmove [Curses]
wnoutrefresh [Curses]
wredrawln [Curses]
wrefresh [Curses]
wresize [Curses]
wscrl [Curses]
wsetscrreg [Curses]
wstandend [Curses]
wstandout [Curses]
wsyncdown [Curses]
wsyncup [Curses]
wtimeout [Curses]
wtouchln [Curses]
wvline [Curses]

yellow [Curses.Color]