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NumCosmo Overview
Introduction — A general description of the library functionality
Library Dependencies — The dependency set of NumCosmo
Compiling and Installing — Instructions for compilation and installation
Bibliography — The set of books and papers used in the library
NumCosmo building configuration — Macros describing the current building configuration
GObject Basic Concepts — A brief description of the GObject system
Numcosmo Math
Miscellaneous Objects
NcmC — Numerical and physical constants.
NcmCfg — Library configuration and helper functions.
NcmUtil — Miscellaneous utilities.
NcmVector — Vector object representing arrays of doubles.
NcmMatrix — Matrix object representing an array of doubles.
NcmSerialize — Serialization, deserialization and duplication object.
NcmObjArray — GObjects array with serialization support.
NcmIntegral1d — One dimensional integration object.
NcmLapack — Encapsulated LAPACK functions.
NcmFuncEval — A general purpose multi-threaded function evaluator.
NcmFftlog — Abstract class for implementing logarithm fast fourier transform.
NcmFftlogTophatwin2 — Logarithm fast fourier transform for a kernel given by the square of the spherical Bessel function of order one.
NcmFftlogGausswin2 — Logarithm fast fourier transform for a kernel given by the square of a Gaussian window function.
NcmTimer — A timer with ETA support.
NcmRNG — Encapsulated GSL random number generator with support for multhreading.
NcmQuaternion — Quaternions algebra, three-vectors and mapping to matrix.
Splines 1D
NcmSpline — Abstract class for implementing splines.
NcmSplineGsl — GSL spline object wrapper.
NcmSplineCubic — Abstract class for implementing cubic splines.
NcmSplineCubicNotaknot — Cubic spline implementation with 'not a knot' boundary conditions.
NcmSplineFunc — Automatic generation of the knots for a spline.
NcmOdeSpline — Automatic generation of splines from ODE solvers.
Splines 2D
NcmSpline2d — Abstract class for implementing bidimensional splines.
NcmSpline2dSpline — Implements bidimensional splines from splines method.
NcmSpline2dBicubic — Bidimensional bicubic spline.
NcmSpline2dGsl — Implements spline from spline method using GSL as base splines.
Power spectrum functions
NcmPowspec — Abstrac class for power spectrum implementation.
NcmPowspecFilter — Class to compute filtered power spectrum
Special Functions
NcmMpsfTrigInt — Multiple precision sin integral implementation.
NcmMpsf0F1 — Multiple precision implementation of the hypergeometric 0F1.
NcmMpsfSBessel — Multiple precision spherical bessel implementation.
NcmMpsfSBesselInt — Multiple precision spherical bessel integrals implementation.
NcmSFSBessel — Double precision spherical bessel implementation.
NcmSFSphericalBesselInteg — Double precision spherical bessel integrals implementation.
Models and Parameters
NcmModel — Abstract class for implementing models.
NcmSParam — Properties of a scalar parameter.
NcmVParam — Properties of a vector-like parameter.
NcmModelCtrl — Control object for testing updates on model status.
NcmModelBuilder — A NcmModel builder
NcmMSet — A set of different NcmModel objects.
NcmMSetFunc — A function of NcmMSet.
NcmMSetFuncList — NcmMSet Functions list.
NcmData — Abstract class for implementing calculator objects.
NcmReparam — Abstract class for model reparametrization.
NcmReparamLinear — Linear reparametrization object.
Data Objects
NcmData — Abstract class for implementing data objects.
NcmDataset — A set of NcmData objects
NcmDataGauss — Gaussian data -- inverse covariance provided.
NcmDataGaussDiag — Gaussian data -- diagonal covariance provided.
NcmDataGaussCov — Gaussian data -- covariance provided.
NcmDataPoisson — Abstract class for implementing poisson distributed data.
NcmDataDist1d — Abstract class for one variable distribution data.
Statistical Analysis
NcmStatsVec — An online statistics vector.
NcmStatsDist1d — Abstract class for implementing 1d probability distributions.
NcmStatsDist1dSpline — One dimensional probability distribution based on a spline.
NcmStatsDist1dEPDF — One dimensional probability distribution based on an EPDF.
NcmBootstrap — Generic index bootstrap.
NcmLikelihood — Likelihood combining a NcmDataset and priors.
NcmPrior — A prior for NcmLikelihood
NcmPriorGauss — A gaussian prior for NcmLikelihood
NcmPriorGaussParam — a gaussian prior on a parameter
NcmPriorGaussFunc — a gaussian prior on a parameter
NcmPriorFlat — A flat prior for NcmLikelihood
NcmPriorFlatParam — a flat prior on a parameter
NcmPriorFlatFunc — a flat prior on a parameter
NcmMSetCatalog — Ordered catalog of different NcmMSet parameter values.
NcmMSetTransKern — Abstract Class for a transition kernel and prior.
NcmMSetTransKernFlat — Multivariate flat sampler.
NcmMSetTransKernGauss — A multivariate gaussian sampler.
NcmMSetTransKernCat — Catalog sampler.
NcmFitState — State of a NcmFit object.
NcmFit — Abstract class for implementing fitting methods.
NLopt Interface Object — Interface for NLopt optmization library
NcmFitNLOptEnum — Automaticaly imported enum from NLOpt library.
NcmFitGSLLS — Best-fit finder -- GSL least squares algorithms.
NcmFitGSLMM — Best-fit finder -- GSL non-linear minimization algorithms.
NcmFitGSLMMS — Best-fit finder -- GSL non-linear minimization (simplex) algorithms.
NcmFitLevmar — Best-fit finder -- Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithm library.
NcmFitMC — Monte Carlo analysis.
NcmFitMCBS — Monte Carlo and bootstrap analysis.
NcmFitMCMC — Markov Chain Monte Carlo analysis.
NcmFitESMCMC — Ensemble sampler Markov Chain Monte Carlo analysis.
NcmFitESMCMCWalker — Ensemble sampler Markov Chain Monte Carlo walker class.
NcmFitESMCMCWalkerStretch — Ensemble sampler Markov Chain Monte Carlo walker - stretch move.
NcmFitESMCMCWalkerWalk — Ensemble sampler Markov Chain Monte Carlo walker - walk move.
NcmLHRatio1d — Likelihood ratio for one dimensional parameter analysis.
NcmLHRatio2d — Likelihood ratio object for bidimensional parameter analysis.
NcmABC — Abstract class for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC).
Spherical maps and Healpix
NcmSphereMapPix — An re-implementation of Healpix.
NcmSphereHealpix — Healpix re-implementation
NcmSphereMap — A spherical shell map.
GObject introspection compatibility
Gir Scanning Compatibility — Gir scanning types stubs.
Cosmological Models
NcHICosmo — Abstract class for implementing homogeneous and isotropic cosmological models.
NcHICosmoPrior — Collection of priors for NcHICosmo models.
NcHICosmoLCDM — $\Lambda$CDM model.
NcHICosmoDE — Abstract class for implementing dark energy models.
NcHICosmoDEReparamOk — Darkenergy model reparametrization $\Omega_{x0} \to \Omega_{k0}$.
NcHICosmoDEReparamCMB — Darkenergy model CMB reparametrization.
NcHICosmoDEXcdm — Dark Energy -- constant dark energy equation of state model.
NcHICosmoDELinder — Dark Energy -- Linder equation of state parametrization.
NcHICosmoDEPad — Dark Energy -- Jassal-Bagla-Padmanabhan of state parametrization.
NcHICosmoDEQe — Dark Energy -- quintessence (inspired).
Quantum Gravity Bounce
NcHICosmoQGRW — Radiation plus $w$-fluid model with a quantum generated bounce phase model.
NcHICosmoQG — Quantum gravity bouncing model.
NcHICosmoQConst — Constant deceleration parameter kinetic model.
NcHICosmoQLinear — Linear deceleration parameter kinetic model.
NcHICosmoQSpline — Spline deceleration parameter kinetic model.
Primordial Cosmology Models
NcHIPrim — Abstract class for implementing homogeneous and isotropic primordial cosmological models.
NcHIPrimPowerLaw — Power law implementation for primordial spectra.
NcHIPrimAtan — Arctangent modification of the power law primordial spectrum
NcHIPrimExpc — Exponential cutoff modification of the power law primordial spectrum
NcHIPrimBPL — Broken power law modification of the power law primordial spectrum
Observational Cosmology Models
Planck Foreground and Instrument Models
NcPlanckFI — Abstract class for Planck Foreground and Instrument models.
NcPlanckFICorTT — Planck Foreground and Instrument model for TT correlation maps
NcPlanckFICorTTTEEE — Planck Foreground and Instrument model for TT correlation maps
Supernova Covariance Models
NcSNIADistCov — Supernovae distance covariance between distance estimates.
Cosmological Calculators
NcDistance — Cosmological distance and time related quantities.
NcScalefactor — Scale factor as a function of the conformal time.
NcRecomb — Abstract class for cosmic recombination.
NcRecombSeager — Cosmic recombination implementing Seager (1999).
NcRecombCBE — Cosmic recombination by Class.
NcHIReion — Abstract class for implementing homogeneous and isotropic reionization models.
NcHIReionCamb — CAMB-like reionization object.
NcHIReionCambReparamTau — CAMB reionization reparametrization $z_\mathrm{reion} \to \tau_\mathrm{reion}$.
NcLinearPert — Linear perturbations.
NcLinearPertCov — Perturbations covariance.
NcHIPert — Abstract class for perturbation in homogeneous and isotropic cosmologies.
NcHIPertWKB — WKB perturbation object.
NcHIPertAdiab — Perturbation object for adiabatic mode only.
NcHIPertTwoFluids — Perturbation object for a two fluids system.
NcHIPertBoltzmann — Abstract class for perturbative Boltzmann hierarchy.
NcHIPertBoltzmannStd — Perturbations object for standard Boltzmann hierarchy model.
CLASS Backend
NcCBEPrecision — CLASS (Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System) backend for perturbations
NcCBE — CLASS (Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System) backend
NcHIPertBoltzmannCBE — CLASS (Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System) backend for perturbations
Perturbation Interfaces
NcHIPertITwoFluids — Perturbation interface for two fluids system.
Large Scale Structure
Window Function
NcWindow — Abstract class for window functions.
NcWindowTophat — A top-hat window function.
NcWindowGaussian — A gaussian window function.
Transfer Function
NcTransferFunc — Abstrac class for perturbation transfer function.
NcTransferFuncBBKS — Bardeen, Bond, Kaiser and Szalay (BBKS) transfer function.
NcTransferFuncEH — Eisenstein-Hu fitting function for the transfer function.
NcTransferFuncCAMB — Transfer function using CAMB as backend.
NcTransferFuncPert — Transfer function using NcHIPertBoltzmann as backend.
NcGrowthFunc — Growth function of linear perturbations.
Matter Power Spectrum
NcPowspecML — Abstrac class for linear matter power spectrum implementation.
NcPowspecMLTransfer — Class for linear matter power spectrum from a transfer function.
NcPowspecMLCBE — linear matter power spectrum from CLASS backend.
NcPowspecMNL — Abstrac class for non-linear matter power spectrum implementation.
NcPowspecMNLHaloFit — nonlinear matter power spectrum from Halofit model.
Density Profile
NcDensityProfile — Abstract class for density profile functions.
NcDensityProfileNFW — Density profile of Navarro-Frenk-White type.
Multiplicity Function
NcMultiplicityFunc — Dark matter halo multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncPS — Dark matter halo -- Press-Schechter multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncST — Dark matter halo -- Sheth-Tormen multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncJenkins — Dark matter halo -- Jenkins multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncWarren — Dark matter halo -- Warren multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncTinker — Dark matter halo -- Tinker multiplicity function.
NcMultiplicityFuncTinkerMean — Dark matter halo -- Tinker multiplicity function mean matter density.
NcMultiplicityFuncTinkerCrit — Dark matter halo -- Tinker multiplicity function critical density.
NcMultiplicityFuncTinkerMeanNormalized — Dark matter halo -- Tinker normalized multiplicity function mean matter density.
NcHaloMassFunction — Clusters mass function.
Halo Bias Function Type
NcHaloBiasType — Abstract class for halo bias function type.
NcHaloBiasTypePS — Press-Schechter halo bias function type.
NcHaloBiasTypeSTSpher — Sheth-Tormen spherical halo bias function type.
NcHaloBiasTypeSTEllip — Sheth-Tormen elliptical halo bias function type.
NcHaloBiasTypeTinker — Tinker halo bias function type.
NcHaloBiasFunc — Mean halo bias function.
NcGalaxyAcf — Galaxy angular correlation function.
Cluster Redshift
NcClusterRedshift — Abstract class for cluster redshift distributions.
NcClusterRedshiftNodist — Cluster abundance redshift real redshift distribution.
NcClusterPhotozGauss — Individual gaussian photometric distribution for clusters.
NcClusterPhotozGaussGlobal — Global gaussian photometric distribution for clusters.
Cluster Mass
NcClusterMass — Abstract class for cluster mass distributions.
NcClusterMassNodist — Cluster mass real mass distribution.
NcClusterMassLnnormal — Cluster mass ln-normal distribution.
NcClusterMassVanderlinde — Sunyaev-Zel'dovich cluster mass distribution.
NcClusterMassBenson — Sunyaev-Zel'dovich cluster mass distribution.
NcClusterMassBensonXRay — Sunyaev-Zel'dovich and x-ray cluster abundance mass distribution.
NcClusterMassPlCL — Planck-CLASH Cluster Mass Distribution
Cross-correlations — Cross-spectra using the Limber approximation
NcClusterAbundance — Cluster abundance distribution.
NcClusterPseudoCounts — FIXME
NcCorClusterCmbLensLimber — Cluster and CMB lensing correlation using halo model and Limber approximation.
Cosmological Data
NcDataCMB — Helper function for instantiating CMB data.
NcDataCMBShiftParam — Cosmic microwave background data -- shift parameter.
NcDataCMBDistPriors — Cosmic microwave background data -- distance priors.
NcDataHubble — Hubble function data.
NcDataHubbleBao — Hubble function data from BAO.
NcDataBao — Helper functions for instantiating BAO data.
NcDataBaoA — Baryon oscillation data -- acoustic scale $A$.
NcDataBaoDV — Baryon oscillation data -- volume mean $D_V$.
NcDataBaoRDV — Baryon Oscillation Data -- $r_s / D_V$ ratio.
NcDataBaoDVDV — Baryon oscillation data -- $D_V / D_V$ ratio.
NcDataBaoEmpiricalFit — Baryon oscillation data -- $D_V / r_s$ empirical likelihood.
NcDataBaoDHrDAr — Baryon Oscillation Data -- $(D_H/r,\; D_A/r)$ data.
NcDataBaoDMrHr — Baryon Oscillation Data -- $(D_M/r,\; H/r)$ data.
NcDataSNIAId — Helper function for instantiating Supernovae Ia data.
NcDataDistMu — Distance modulus data.
NcDataSNIACov — Supernovae Ia Data with covariance error matrix.
NcDataClusterNCount — Cluster number count data.
NcDataClusterPoisson — Binned cluster number count data.
NcDataClusterPseudoCounts — Galaxy clusters data -- pseudo number counts likelihood.
NcDataPlanckLKL — Planck Likelihood interface.
ABC analysis
NcABCClusterNCount — Object implementing Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) for cluster number counts.
Mathematical Utilities
NcmDividedDifference — Divided difference methods for function interpolation with derivatives.
NcmBinSplit — Binnary splitting algorithms used to evaluate sums fast and with arbitrary precision.
NcmPoly — Polynomials.
NcmMatrixExp — Simple functions to calculate matrix exponential (only 2x2).
NcmMPQTree — MPQ data tree.
NcmMIOde — Magnus Iserles ode solver for fast oscillatory systems.
NcmGrid — Unidimensional grid.
NcmQuad — Quadrature algorithims.
NcmFunctionCache — A generic cache for functions values
NcmMemoryPool — Generic memory pool.
NcmIntegral — Numerical integration helpers.
Enumeration Types
NcmEnumTypes — Automaticaly generated enum types from NumCosmoMath library.
NcEnumTypes — Automaticaly generated enum types from NumCosmo library.
Objects Hierarchy
API Index
API Index Deprecated
Annotation Glossary