The Nova Operating System

Welcome to the Nova project web server. Nova (Nova is a recursive acronym for ``Nova Offers Virtually no Applications'') is the effort to create a POSIX-like system on top of the rtmk microkernel.

Nova is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

Table of contents: NewsGoals of the Nova projectStatus of the Nova projectObtaining NovaContact


Goals of the Nova project

The goals for the project;

Status of the Nova project

Have just started to work on it. Right now it can load /sbin/init from a ext2 file system and run it.

Obtaining Nova

If you plan to do active work on the nova, you can access the development source tree by anonymous CVS:
  cvs login 
  {just hit enter when prompted for password}
  cvs -z3 co nova
Alternatively, you can use the viewcvs interface.


There are some public mailing lists related to rtmk.
nova-discuss (archives)
For discussing Nova issues
nova-cvs (archives)
A read-only mailing list containing the notes from checkins to the Nova CVS

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