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Welcome to the home of nmh, on savannah.nongnu.org.

The latest stable release of nmh is nmh 1.7. You can download it from savannah.

We are pleased to announce the release of nmh 1.7 on November 18th, 2017.

Nmh 1.7 contains a large number of bug fixes and new features. The release notes (see the NEWS file in the distribution) has a complete list of new features, but here are some highlights:

  • Complete unification of network security support. All network protocols (currently, POP and SMTP) have been refactored to use a common set of security routines. This means all protocols support all SASL mechanisms (via the Cyrus-SASL library) and TLS. TLS support has been strengthened to perform certificate name validation and to require TLS 1.1 as a minimum protocol.
  • Included in the network security unification work is an implementation of the SASL XOAUTH2 security mechanism, contributed by Eric Gillespie. This allows improved security for Gmail users. See mhlogin(1) for more details.
  • send now supports adding switches to post based on the address or domain of the email address in the From: header; this more easily allows users to support multiple identities.
  • A generic facility for passing arguments to filter programs in repl by the use of the -convertargs option.
  • Native support for the manipulation of iCalendar requests; see mhical(1) for more details.

Please report problems in the bug tracker on savannah, or on the nmh-workers mailing list. Thanks!

Please check out the nmh project on savannah.

nmh (new MH) is a powerful electronic mail handling system. It was originally based on version 6.8.3 of the MH message system developed by the RAND Corporation and the University of California. It is intended to be a (mostly) compatible drop-in replacement for MH.

nmh consists of a collection of fairly simple single-purpose programs to send, receive, save, retrieve, and manipulate e-mail messages. Since nmh is a suite rather than a single monolithic program, you may freely intersperse nmh commands with other commands at your shell prompt, or write custom scripts which use these commands in flexible ways.

NOTE: All versions of nmh prior to 1.0.3 (as well as MH) contained a vulnerability where incoming mail messages with carefully designed MIME headers could cause the mhshow command to execute arbitrary shell code. Though the authors of nmh are not aware of any exploits of this hole, MH users and users of older versions of nmh are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the current version.


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