::mozilla-bonobo ::

··· What is it? ···

mozilla-bonobo is a netscape-compatible browser plugin which allows your browser to use bonobo controls to display supported mime types.

Please see the Savannah project page for mailing list information.

··· Current status ···

··· CVS Access ···

mozilla-bonobo is hosted on the Gnome CVS server. The module name is "mozilla-bonobo".

··· Screen shots ···

··· Testing it ···

A small collection of documents is available for the purpose of testing bonobo components and mozilla-bonobo.

··· Download ···

mozilla-bonobo is available under the GNU GPL License.

Sources are available here.

Dag Wieers haskindly made available RPM packages of mozilla-bonobo for RedHat 8.0 and 9.0. These are also available from his apt-rpm repository.

Andrew Lau has created Debian packages which are included in the Debian unstable package repository. They can be installed using  apt-get install mozilla-bonobo, or alternatively downloaded and installed using dpkg.

··· Contact ···

I can be contacted at chris at mind dot lu. Contributions are welcome.

Before you write me, please consider posting to the mozilla-bonobo mailing list, so that others may benefit from the discussion.