@sourceref tag

Same usage as @ref tag but resulting in a link to declaration in external online source code repository. This tag implies use of the source_url_template option to define a template url to the source code.

If no link text is given a default text of the form "filename, line xxx" will be used, with filename being a link to header documentation section if any, and xxx number being a link to the external repository.

If the source_url_template option is not defined or the reference target has no associated source file, this tag acts as the @ref tag and points to the member documentation instead.

See also @sourcelink tag, @ref tag and @scope tag.


@sourceref <identifier> [{<link text>}]
@sourceref {<identifier>} [{<link text>}]

See the symbol identifiers section for identifier


In configuration:

@setopt source_url_template {http://www.project.org/trac/project/browser/trunk/@f?rev=@r#L@n}

In documentation:

See the implementation details of the inline @sourceref foo function.

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