@see tag

This tag can be used to add a symbol reference in the next "See also" sentence.

No text is inserted where the tag lies. All pending @xsee tag and @see tags are flushed in a single sentence at the end of the section. @insert see can be used to force flush.

See also @xsee tag section and @scope tag section.


@see <identifier>
@see {<identifier> [, <identifier> , ...] }

See the symbol identifiers section for identifier format.


This declaration:

This function display some formated text.
@see {fprintf, sprintf}
@see snprintf
@xsee {How to display text}

int printf(const char *format, ...);

generates the following member details:

int printf(const char *format, ...)  

This function is declared in doc/examples.h source file, line 141.

This function display some formated text.

See also fprintf, sprintf, snprintf and How to display text section.

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