@foreach tag

This tag can be used to iterate over declared code symbols.

Content inside the loop body is repeated for each symbol found in specified scope with specified types and attributes.

Loop variables can be used as current symbol id, name and symbol type name.

Recursion depth can be specified, 0 mean no depth limit.

This tag is mainly used in template files provided by mkdoc when using the bootstrap option.


@foreach <id_var> [<name_var>] [<type_var>] {[<attributes>] <types list>} {<scope>} [{<depth>}]
... @<id_var>@ ...
@end foreach

Valid symbol types are: typedef, enum, union, struct, cxxstruct, class, variable, function, namespace, header, macro and module.

Valid attributes are: virtual, static, abstract, inline, const, slot, signal, template, template_instance, specialization, deprecated, internal, hidden, experimental, visible, ambiguous, main, homonyms and defined.


@foreach id name type {defined !experimental cxxstruct,class} {::} {1}
@debug @id@ is an unique identifier for the @name@ @type@
@end foreach

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