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1 Introduction

µPad is a tool for writing to the non-volatile memory of micro-controller devices and for debugging programs running on those devices. It is suitable for all devices which feature a BDM interface. BDM is an electronic interface that allows control and monitoring of embedded systems. It appears in many Freescale and NXP products.

µPad comprises a software component which runs on a personal computer or other machine of your choice, and a hardware component which in this document we refer to as the controller.

The controller can be any micro-controller board supported by the RIOT operating system (see

The software component, including the software running the controller, is entirely free software and can be copied, distributed and modified to suit your needs. Using the software does not require learning a complex user interface. User interaction is minimal, and where necessary can be done with simple commands. It can run on any POSIX-like system including GNU, GNU/Linux and BSD. It can probably run on other systems too, but this has not been tested.