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3.3 Building the Software

If the configuration step completes successfully you can go ahead and build the software.

Because the software must be built slightly differently according to your chosen micro-controller board and the controller pins you have chosen, you must create a small control file. The file must be called upad.cfg and should contain the following lines:


The string controller-board should be replaced by the name of your chosen controller board, and the strings reset_pin and bkgd-pin should be replaced by the RIOT pins which you chose at Choosing the Interface Pins.

For example, if you have chosen the nucleo-f401 board, and the RESET and BKGD pins are port 0, pin 1, and port 0, pin 0 respectively, then your upad.cfg file will appear as follows.


Having created the upad.cfg file you can type ‘make’ and the software should build. If everything is well, the build should finish with a message similar to

"make" -C /home/sarah/RIOT/sys/sema
"make" -C /home/sarah/RIOT/sys/tsrb
"make" -C /home/sarah/RIOT/sys/uart_stdio
"make" -C /home/sarah/RIOT/sys/xtimer
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
  15100	    140	   2328	  17568	   44a0	/home/sarah/upad/Controller/bin/nucleo-f401/upad.elf
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/sarah/upad/Controller'

If however there is a problem then the build will abort with a message similar to the following:

Makefile:132: recipe for target 'upad' failed
make: *** [upad] Error 1

The text preceeding this messsage will show you what went wrong and can be used to help you solve the problem.

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