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3.6 Meta-data consistency

GIT pull and push operations are done implicitly when loading and serialising files. This may be view like a stack model ensuring consistency on meta-data files (see Relational schema).

The so-called meta-data files are mentioned bellow using the followings numbers:

  1. /etc/mediatex/mdtx.conf (see mdtx.conf)
  2. ~mdtx/git/mdtx/supports.txt (see supports.txt)
  3. ~mdtx/md5sums/mdtx-COLL.md5 (see mdtxCOLL.md5)
  4. /etc/mediatex/mdtx-COLL/catalogXXX.txt (see catalog.txt)
  5. /etc/mediatex/mdtx-COLL/extractXXX.txt (see extract.txt)
  6. /etc/mediatex/mdtx-COLL/servers.txt (see servers.txt)

All calls to CLIENT follow the same operations:

[AScripting, which do not need to load the meta-data
[BGIT pull and parse configuration meta-data (1, 2)
[CGIT pull and parse collection meta-data (3, 4, 5, 6)
[DGeneric upgrade works: upgrade SSH and GIT settings and re-compute the local image’s score
D]Working on meta-data
C]Serialise collection meta-data and GIT push (3, 4, 5, 6)
B]Serialise configuration meta-data and GIT push (1, 2)
A]Send HUP message to SERVER (see Server)


Bellow details how meta-data files are affected by CLIENT’s queries.

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