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7.6 Server’s change

In this section we move the GIT’s bare collection’s repository from master host to one other. The same procedure may also be used to backup and restore a collection on the current master host.

First we backup the collection on master host:

# tar -C /var/lib/mediatex/MDTX MDTX-COLL -zcf backup.tgz

Next we restore it on the host we choose as new master and we re-add the collection so as to force a fresh checkout:

# rm -fr /var/lib/mediatex/MDTX/MDTX-COLL
# tar -C /var/lib/mediatex/MDTX/ -zxf backup.tgz
# mediatex adm add coll COLL

All in all, when “upgrade” fails we can ever re-subscribe to re-synchronise collection.