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7.4 Collection user key’s change

In this section we change the collection’s SSH keys pair.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa
The key fingerprint is:

Since ssh 7.4 the fingerprint is displayed into sha256 sum. mediatex is still using the md5 sum.

$ ssh-keygen -l -Emd5 -f ~MDTX-COLL/.ssh/ \
   | awk '{print $2'} | cut -d: -f2- | sed -e 's/://g'

This public key is shared and used by servers to identify themselves under the collection context, and to perform remote copies.

Both remote copies and socket’s connections will fails until the target server automatically upgrade (via CRON) and then get the new public key of the source server.

Local keys are updated into /etc/mediatex/mdtx.conf by $ mediatex upgrade, but not by $ mediatex upgrade coll COLL.