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2.4 Scenario 3: extract an archive

First share supports with the collection

$ mediatex add supp ex-cd1 to coll hello
$ mediatex add supp ex-cd2 to coll hello

As a USER, browse the collection via this URL: https://HOSTNAME1/~mdtx-hello and ask for a content (by clicking on the floppy disk picture).

As the cache is empty, you will be prompt to give your email address. Please do it. If no mail sender is yet configured, you can use the “usename1” local mail address.

As PUBLISHER, please check the “message of the day” and provide wanted supports.

$ mediatex motd
$ mediatex check supp ex-cd1 on /usr/share/mediatex/misc/logoP1.iso
$ mediatex check supp ex-cd2 on /usr/share/mediatex/misc/logoP2.iso

If your host is configurated to send emails, you should have received an email telling the previous link you try is now be available. (If no mailer is configured you can use $ mail).