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3.2 Command line Options

Theses options apply to the 3 binaries provided by MEDIATEX.


Display the help message.


Display the mediatex software version.

-f facility
--facility facility

Set facility to use for logging. See syslog(3) : mainly file to log to the standard output or local2 to log to SYSLOG.

-l path
--log-file path

Log into a file. Needs the file facility (default).

-s severity[:module(,module)*]
--severity severity[:module(,module)*]

Set severity to log, by modules. Choose severity among err, warning, notice, info and debug. You may provide modules among alloc, script, misc, memory, parser, common and main. If you provide no module, all except the alloc module will be selected.


increase verbosity (wrapper for -s), from -s "info", -s "debug:main,script" to -s "debug:memory,misc" for -vvv


Do a dry run: do not write anything.


Do not display the progression bar.

-m number
--memory-limit number

Set a nice limit for malloc in Mo. When SERVER overcome this limit, it will try to release objects not used.


Enable debug information from lexers.

-c mdtxLabel
--conf-label mdtxLabel

Over hide ’mdtx.conf’ configuration file and use mdtxLabel system user instead of mdtx. This permit to run independent MEDIATEX systems on the same machine. This is mainly used for tests.


Do not make GIT queries. This may be useful if you temporary loose your network connection, or if you want to be temporally isolated for tests. Notice: This option is only available on CLIENT (see Client) as SERVER (see Server) and cgiClient (see cgiClient) never perform GIT queries.

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