MoLOS: Master on libre (open source) software

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What is MoLOS?

MoLOS is a group interested in the design and implementation of postgraduate studies on libre (free, open source) software. All the designs and materials produced by the group are available for public discussion, and any institution is free to implement them in whole or in part. MoLOS is also an open group: we welcome anybody interested in these topics to join us and share ideas and views.

How was born this MoLOS project

In late 2002 the Regional Government of Madrid (Spain) announced a call for studies on the design of novel European postgraduate studies, in the contest of the Bologna process. A group of experts from several European universities joined to submit a proposal for the design a master on libre (free, open source) software. The proposal was funded, and during 2003, a design of the main guidelines of such a master was done. During its late stages, the project was open, and some contributions from other people were also considered. The result of this process was the design submited as the output of the project, which was finished in early 2004 (see an extended summary and the slides of a presentation about it).

The continuation of the project

In late 2003 the website about the MoLOS project was open, and the Savannah project started, with the idea of both disseminating the results of the project and inviting other parties to join in and contribute with their ideas and views. Since then, most of the activity has taken place in the mailing list, and some face-to-face meetings. MoLOS is currently an informal group of people interested in the design of postgraduate studies on libre software.

Among the people in MoLOS we enjoy the presence of the coordinators of several master programs on libre software, professors with experience in teaching of subjects related to libre software, people with deep interests and knowledge on libre software, and many others. The group is now a good substrate not only for discussions on curricula on libre software, but also for joint proposals related to the teaching of libre software (such as Erasmus Curriculum Development or Erasmus Mundus proposals).

Come and join us

Are you interested in postgraduate education on libre software? Come and join us. Subscribe to the mailing list, and introduce yourself to the group. Reading the mail archives will give you some context on the past and current activities of the group.

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