This is sinuhe's Modula-2 (M2) compiler and translator to C, a fork of m2c-0.6, written by Vladimir Makarov in C.

m2c intends to implement the language described in Programming in Modula-2, Fourth Edition (PIM4), by Prof. Dr. N. E. Wirth. We wish to preserve the simplicity of Wirth's language as he last defined it. Second, we want to provide a compiler to accommodate those who want to compile programs from the last printed (M2) editions of PIM4 (English 1988, German 1992), as well as unique pieces from Algorithms and Data Structures (e.g. REM), (later Oberon editions were published as PDFs).

For further information, please visit the savannah page. An IRC chat is available at irc.oftc.net in channel #m2c. This may be accessible over the web at https://webchat.oftc.net/?channel=m2c. A related channel is #oberon on chat.freenode.net.