lwIP  2.0.2
Lightweight IP stack
snmp_varbind Struct Reference

#include <snmp.h>

Data Fields

struct snmp_varbindnext
struct snmp_varbindprev
struct snmp_obj_id oid
u8_t type
u16_t value_len
void * value

Detailed Description

SNMP variable binding descriptor (publically needed for traps)

Field Documentation

◆ next

struct snmp_varbind* snmp_varbind::next

pointer to next varbind, NULL for last in list

◆ oid

struct snmp_obj_id snmp_varbind::oid

object identifier

◆ prev

struct snmp_varbind* snmp_varbind::prev

pointer to previous varbind, NULL for first in list

◆ type

u8_t snmp_varbind::type

value ASN1 type

◆ value

void* snmp_varbind::value

object value

◆ value_len

u16_t snmp_varbind::value_len

object value length

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