(a Warlords II clone)


The LordsAWar! project was started in 2006, by forking the Freelords project.

The Freelords project started in 2000, and was initially intended to be a game in the Warlords style. The game was included in some GNU+Linux distributions which attracted developers, artists and play-testers. However progress was slow and by 2006 the vision for the game changed and the Freelords team wanted to make a game that was quite different from Warlords and to change languages from C++ to Java. The Freelords project is in the alpha phase of the software release life cycle, and may or may not still be alive on sourceforge. Some old Freelords code has been archived on archive.org.

LordsAWar! was forked in 2006 with the expressed goal of making a Warlords II clone, and was quickly redistributed by popular GNU+Linux distributions.

This chart that shows the relative progress of Freelords and LordsAWar! (in lines of C++ source code) over time:
KLOC Over Time.

The source data for this chart comes from the CVS repository of the Freelords project, and the SVN repository of the LordsAWar! project. This chart does not show the work that happened between 2000-2002 on the Freelords project.

To see more recent progress check out the log of latest commits.

We've come a long way! Here is one of our original title screens when we were considering a more hand-drawn look, and we were still using a font reminiscent of Warlords. We can also see that the concept of campaigns has since been discarded -- that is a series of scenarios within a greater story, where your heroes continue on.

Original Title Screen