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6 License commands

These commands display licenses and license notices. Licenses are the full terms and conditions, while notices are simply disclaimers about which license is being used. Some licenses are small enough to not require a license notice.

There could be a slight delay in the operation of these commands because licenses and license notices are fetched on-demand from the or websites.

Each of these license commands provides one or more license keywords to the choose command. To see the license keywords that a command provides, run ‘licensing COMMAND --list-licenses’. For example:

$ licensing gpl --list-licenses
gplv3+ gpl --v3
gplv3  gpl --v3 --jerkwad
gplv2+ gpl --v2
gplv2  gpl --v2 --jerkwad
gplv1+ gpl --v1
gplv1  gpl --v1 --jerkwad

This example shows the licensing keywords that the gpl command provides to the choose command. The use of --jerkwad is special – when the choose command gets a license keyword that uses it, the license is not recommended, and the --force option must be used. For example:

$ licensing choose gplv3
choose: `gplv3' is unrecommended!  Use --force, or maybe try `gplv3+'

This example shows how the choose command requires a --force option when a license keyword includes the --jerkward option. Although the GNU General Public License version 3 is a fine license, it is not recommended to remove the Or any later version clause because future improvements to the GPL cannot be automatically granted.

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