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1.7 Initializing the Library

The first step is the initialization of LibTMCG. The following function must be invoked early in your program, i.e., before you make use of any other capability of LibTMCG.

Function: bool init_libTMCG ()

The function checks whether the installed third-party libraries match their required versions. Further it initializes them and returns true, if everything was sound. Otherwise false is returned and an appropriate error message is sent to std::cerr.

Additionally, the function version_libTMCG returns a string containing the version number of the library in a common format. It is strongly recommended to check, whether the installed version matches your requirements.

Function: const std::string version_libTMCG ()

This function returns the version of the library in the format major.minor.revision.

Last but not least, there is a function identifier_libTMCG which returns an identifier of LibTMCG including the version, copyright mark and license.

Function: const std::string identifier_libTMCG ()

This function returns an identifier of the library.