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Important: Mu is currently in an early development stage, and the API is subject to change at any time. Use at your own risk!

Mu (Miscellaneous Utilities)

This is the website for Mu, a general purpose convenience library for C.


See the documentation for more information.


Documentation is available in various formats here. After installing Mu, you can also view the documentation on your local machine using an Info reader such as the standalone Info reader that comes with Texinfo, or the built-in Info reader in GNU Emacs.

There is also a README file available in the source distribution.

Development repository

Mu is hosted on Savannah. The project page is here.

You can browse the Git repository here. You can also clone the repository on your local machine:

git clone https://git.savannah.nongnu.org/git/libmu.git

See here for more information.