Libbubblemon demo app, get it through CVS.

The demo app happens to be written using GTK+, but as libbubblemon is entirely widget set independent the demo app could just as well have been written using any other widget set.

This is a library for making bubbling meters like the original bubbling load monitor.

The library accepts numbers as input for the different visualizations (water-level, color, amount of bubbles, amount of growth from the bottom, whether something is floating in the water).

It can then render a picture of it that you are responsible for passing to the screen (or whatever you want to do with it). As long as you render an image at least 10 times per second, the animation will be smooth.

Libbubblemon is intended to be entirely widget set independent, so you should be able to use it with your favourite desktop environment. If you find something that binds it to any certain platform, report it on the mailing list and it will be fixed.






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Bubbleload is a general-purpose system monitor originally written for monitoring OpenMosix clusters. It is extendable to monitor all sorts of things using shell scripts.

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