Libann Development

Developers' Corner

The developers of Libann are:

That's right. There's only me. If you want to become involved in the programming, testing or documentation of Libann, then please do so. If you have experience with Artificial Neural Networks and/or pattern recognition in general then please get involved. Areas which need attention are:

  • Implementation of ARTs
  • Support for parallel execution
  • Improved documentation
  • Better demonstration programs (and more of them)
  • Management of this web site

The first step to becoming a developer is to subscribe to the development mailing list. Please note that ``developer'' means anyone who contributes in any way, including:

  • Writing/Improving the code base
  • Writing documentation
  • Providing useful example code
  • Providing bug reports

I'm using aegis to manage changes to the code base, so it's helpful but not necessary if you're familiar with that.

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Last Updated 22-July-2004