KHamlog FAQ:

What is KHamlog?

KHamlog is an amateur radio logging program for Linux, written in C++ and using the Qt/KDE toolkit/environment.
It requires that the KDE libraries are installed on your machine, but providing that condition is met, it should
run fine on Gnome or any other window manager.

What facilities does it offer me?

KHamlog is not yet complete, and is in fact far from it. Many features I intend to implement are not yet ready, such as
contest mode, duplicate checking etc. Also, I am currently working on integrating the ARRL callsign prefix database
into the program, to allow it to 'guess' what country a particular station originates from. At present, KHamlog is capable
of logging a QSO, and also creating a database of names and callsigns worked by a particular station. I find this feature useful to keep
track of people's names, QTHs etc!

Who are you?

I am a UK-licenced radio amateur, and my callsign is M1BZU.  I am also a university student at the University of
Hertfordshire studying for a BSc in Computer Science.

Why are you writing KHamlog?

I am writing KHamlog to fill a personal need I have for a KDE/Qt based logging program. Also, I am trying to
learn and improve my Qt/KDE programming skills. Therefore, some of the code may not be of the standard many
would expect. If you know better than me, please feel free to submit a patch to me or suggestions etc.

What licence is KHamlog available under?

KHamlog is available under the GNU GPL, which means you are free to copy and distribute the program as you see fit. You
are also allowed to modify the software as you see fit, but if you decide to distribute your modified copy, you must make the
source to your modifications available under the GNU GPL too. Click here to see the full text of the GPL.

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