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Welcome, you have reached the home page of KasoVerb.

KasoVerb is free software, which allows a user to conjugate verbs in English, Italian and Spanish.

The project is hosted on Savannah. This is where content management takes place. For example, where bugs can be submitted.


KasoVerb began life from a book written by Adolph (Adolfo) Caso named "Understanding English and Italian Verbs," 2005 Branden Books (unpublished). Later, the first incarnation of software was coined the "Kaso Verb Conjugation System (KVC)." However, this was inaccurate because KVC describes the system, schema, and data. Consequently, when the free software version was being written, it became known as KasoVerb. That is, the software tools and user interface to KVC.

As reference material, Adolph Caso's Kaso Verb Conjugation book can be found here.


KVC schema and data (database) is licensed under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

KasoVerb software is licensed under the BSD-2-Clause license.

This website content is licensed under the FreeBSD documentation license.


There are a couple of methods in obtaining the software.

Prebuilt binaries

The Download page contains pre-built binaries. For example, you can download the latest Windows binary. This executable will guide you through the installation. You can remove the software through control panel remove programs app. KasoVerb does not utilize the registry. Consequently, deleting the directory will completely remove the software from the system.

Building from source

The source tree hierarchy is complex. It is broken into several components. This can make building the source difficult. Moreover, building for Windows requires additional setup and time. Unfortunately, there are no helpful packaging tools or a method to install once compiled.

Following are the pages for building binaries.

Screen Shots

Application window
KasoVerb application
Explorer window
KasoVerb explorer window