Section: File Formats (5)
Updated: 19 Sept 1994


veronica.ctl - veronica and jugtail control file for gopher searching.  


The veronica.ctl file contains a list of directives which informs veronica what to do when harvesting data for inclusion in the veronica search engine. The veronica.ctl file needs to have a gopher path of:

If the veronica.ctl file exits in 1/etc you should ensure the etc directory at the top level of your gopher data directory is hidden, but not the files in it. If the veronica.ctl file exists at the top level of your gopher data directory you will need to ensure the file is hidden. Hidding the file can be accomplished via the gopherd.conf file.

The veronica.ctl file is composed of lines with the form:

Token: Value

Tokens and Values are case sensitive. A pound sign ("#") at the beginning of a line signifies a comment line.

The following are recognized tokens:

line is required and must be "veronica".
line is suggested. Normally it should have the value "yes". Set the value to "no" only if you do not want your gopher server indexed.
line is optional and suggested. This line specifies a URL which contains a pre-built datafile for veronica to retrieve.
line is optional and suggested. This line specifies the degree of veronica specific pre-processing which was performed on the veronica-datafile. possible values are: "raw", "disallow-lines".
line is required and is for compatibility with the no-robots standard. The value for this token may be empty. This token is used to specify gopher paths which veronica should avoid such as class scheduls, news items, etc. These values must specity gopher type '1' items. If the veronica.ctl file is parsed by veronica only the first 50 Disallow lines will be used. If the veronica.ctl file is parsed by jugtail all Disallow lines ( up to memory limits ) will be used.

Sample veronica.ctl file

#------------------- veronica.ctl file --------------------
# This is a comment line, optional

# blank line above this one demarks beginning of veronica
# control block. There must be NO BLANK LINES WITHIN the
# following set of veronica control lines. Comment lines
# are OK in the veronica control block.
# User-agent line is REQUIRED
User-agent: veronica
# veronicaindex: line is SUGGGESTED. Normally it should be
# "veronicaindex: yes". Set it to "veronicaindex: no"
# only if you want to COMPLETELY turn off the veronica
# indexing for this gopher server.
# If veronicaindex line is absent, default will be "yes".
veronicaindex: yes
# veronica-datafile line specifies URL for veronica to
# use in retrieving pre-built data file. OPTIONAL and
# suggested. Example for use with jugtail 1.0.3 and above:
veronica-datafile: gopher://host:port/00/?datafile
# NOTE that only one veronica-datafile line is allowed.
# veronica-datafile-prep line specifies degree of veronica
# specific pre-processing that has been done to the veronica
# datafile. For jugtail-prepared files ( jugtail 1.0.3 ),
# set veronica-datafile-prep to "raw". For jugtail-prepared
# files ( jugtail 1.0.4 or greater ) built with the -V
# option set the veronica-datafile-prep to "disallow-lines".
# This line is OPTIONAL and suggested.
veronica-datafile-prep: raw
# "Disallow" line is for compatibility with the no-robots
# standard format. At least one "Disallow:" statement is
# required, even if it is an empty specifier. You may
# include disallow lines specifying gopher paths which
# veronica should avoid.
# Example of a Disallow line:
# "Disallow: 1/Campus/Course_Schedules_Fall_94"
# That example tells veronica not to index that directory,
# its contents and subdirectories, recursively. Disallow
# lines must specify gopher Type 1 items, not type 0 or
# others.
# Here is the required Disallow line:

# blank line marked end of veronica control block.


gopherd(8), gopherd.conf(5), jugtail(1)




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