Jannis stands for "J Artificial Neural Net Interactive Simulator", with J standing for either "Java" (the programming language Jannis is written in) or "Jabbo's" (how I'm called by my wife and friends in Hamburg). Choose for yourself...

Jannis' primary purpose is simulation of neural net models for scientific experiments in special-needs-education and neuropsychology. So it aims for being easy to use rather than for performance.

The development of Jannis is planned to proceed in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Basic features (completed)
    • Support for feed-forward nets with neurons with binary treshold activation function
    • Basic learning capabilities (for two layer feed-forward nets)
    • Training and using the nets during runtime
    • Reading and writing net configurations using a xml-based data format: NNML
  2. Phase 2: Interactivity (in progress)
    • Command line user interface
    • Definition of neural nets during runtime
    • Generating training-sets as well as other input- and output-patterns during runtime
    • Graphical user interface
  3. Phase 3: Extended features (being planned)
    • Implementation of more elaborated learning capabilities for feed-forward nets (backpropagation algorithms)
    • Support for additional net architectures (e.g. Cohonen- and Hopfield-nets)
    • Support for additional neuron types (sigmoide activation functions etc.)

Phase 1 is completed. Jannis is still pre-alpha, though.
With no user interface, Jannis is only usable with some skill in Java programming in its current state. Furthermore, Jannis hasn't been subjected to a debugging process in any way. So there may be many bugs in the code.

Jannis ist free software and is released under the GNU General Public License. It does not depend on any non-free software.

This Page was last modified: 12/8/2005