IRUKA: GPL - Cross-Platform - Jabber Client



Iruka is a cross-platform Jabber client. It can be used either with Linux/ gtk or Windows.

Right now, it is still in early development so it should not be used as primary client.

IRUKA is written in Python, using the wxWindows toolkit. For that reason, it works on Linux and Windows using the native toolkit (GTK for Linux). Also please note that a Mac port of wxWindows is in progress, so when this port will be stable Iruka will run on Mac without any port effort, just launching the Python script.

Please visit the Savannah's project page (sourceforge-like project management).


To get the last source (it is updated quite often), you should get it from Savannah's CVS. to launch it, you need:

We also use IMCOM, but for convienience we included source code on the CVS.


Jabber Related FAQ

Please visit for more informations.

Iruka Related FAQ


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