IPSUR: Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R

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Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R, ISBN: 978-1726343909, is a textbook written for an undergraduate course in probability and statistics.

IPSUR is FREE, in the GNU sense of the word.

Refer to the Install page for detailed instructions to install an electronic copy of IPSUR on your personal computer. Check out the Resources page for extra materials that go along with the book. See the Feedback page for guidance about questions or comments you may have about IPSUR.


Launch R and type the following at the command prompt ">":

install.packages("IPSUR", dependencies = TRUE)

Load the IPSUR package

Once IPSUR is downloaded and installed, it must be loaded into R. Load the package with the library function:


and finally launch your PDF viewer with



IPSUR development is hosted on GNU Savannah. See also the IPSUR Development Page on R-Forge. There still exists an IPSUR page on GitHub, though development is primarily on Savannah these days. Go here to browse the recent commit history.

Author: G. Jay Kerns, Youngstown State University

Email: gkerns@ysu.edu

Created: 2018-08-30 Thu 13:00